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Project Description

Good.Co is fixing hiring with user-driven analytics that measure culture-fit.

The time and cost to hire today is the highest it’s ever been. 50% of new hires don’t last more than 18 months due to culture misfit. While the Internet has solved sourcing problems, it has paralyzed hiring.

Good.Co is taking a provocative, consumer-first approach to fixing hiring and retention from the bottom-up. Good.Co’s purposely playful experience is powered by a scientifically-valid and self-learning algorithm that takes 90% less time compared to traditional assessments.

Social features fuel rapid collection of data-assets on users’ personalities, peers, teams, and workplaces – allowing Good.Co to create a more efficient co-selection process. The data is immensely impactful for employer branding, team performance and recruiting.

Project Details

Skills Needed: