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Purpose of the Trust

The objective is to secure and grow the wealth of current and future generations of our family and direct relations; hence the time-horizon for investments is long.

The portfolio is focussed on capital growth, while at the same time optimising risk to avoid permanent loss of capital and ensuring long term capital preservation.

Core Investment Themes

Most of our direct portfolio investments and supported projects involve Internet or information technology applied to solve important problems.

Some of our focus areas include:


  • Internet, cloud and mobile

  • Financial services and payments

  • Healthcare and well-being

  • B2B Internet services

  • Consumer e-commerce

  • Wide global spread including developing markets

  • Education

Socially Responsible Investment

We invest primarily in projects with a social benefit beyond pure commercial returns.

Skills and expertise

Shin Ryoku and the group companies bring quite a wide-ranging collection of tools and experience to tackle neglected and difficult problems. In particular, we have deep experience with Internet, information technology and communications and have successfully applied this knowledge in practical business situations across very different markets globally.

While Internet often plays a part in our solutions and portfolio companies, we also bring knowledge of financial markets, professional management, intellectual property, entrepreneurship, cross-cultural experience, virtual teams, and creativity in our approach to problem-solving.

The Trust and its portfolio companies have successfully delivered services in over 75 countries.