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Project Description

Space Monkey is taking the cloud out of the datacenter and making it local again with a one terabyte peer-to-peer hard drive that is part of a complete cloud storage subscription service contained within one small device.

The Google Ventures-backed Company is disrupting cloud storage by providing a more secure and cost-effective solution for storing data; a physical, durable, peer-to-peer one terabyte Space Monkey hard drive.

A terabyte could store approximately 250,000 photos in the Space Monkey network. That’s roughly the same as storing 130 DVD’s in one place. Space Monkey provides this one terabyte storage space for $10 a month, while leading cloud storage solutions can often cost $800+ per year for the same amount of space. Although this may seem like an abundance of storage, people are creating data exponentially, and this trend is expected to continue due to the increasing usage of smart phones and tablets.

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