Space Monkey

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Space Monkey is taking the cloud out of the datacenter and making it local again with a one terabyte peer-to-peer hard drive that is part of a complete cloud storage subscription service contained within one small device. The Google Ventures-backed Company is disrupting cloud storage by providing a more secure and cost-effective solution for storing [...]


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Zillabyte helps B2B companies find their ideal customers by harnessing the power of big data. Zillabyte, which participated in the Winter 2012 class of Y Combinator, provides a novel and highly disruptive solution that helps B2B SaaS companies to better target their ideal prospects and convert them to customers. The Company’s mission is to unify [...]

Sublime IP

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Sublime IP is a global provider of Internet data center and cloud computing services to businesses worldwide. Established in 1989, Sublime IP is wholly owned by the Shin Ryoku Trust since 2007. Sublime IP provides reliable Internet services in over 100 cities and 75 countries, including data center services and cloud computing.