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ECOSOFTT – ECO Solutions for Tomorrow Today, is a social enterprise that operates primarily for the benefit of addressing water-related challenges in our world. Head-quartered in Singapore, ECOSOFTT operate as innovation catalysts providing sustainable solutions for water, sanitation and livelihoods.

Bloom Energy


Bloom Energy is changing the way the world generates and consumes energy. Bloom's unique on-site power generation systems utilize an innovative new fuel cell technology with roots in NASA's Mars program. Derived from a common sand-like powder, and leveraging breakthrough advances in materials science, our technology is able to produce clean, reliable, affordable power,... practically [...]

Space Monkey

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Space Monkey is taking the cloud out of the datacenter and making it local again with a one terabyte peer-to-peer hard drive that is part of a complete cloud storage subscription service contained within one small device. The Google Ventures-backed Company is disrupting cloud storage by providing a more secure and cost-effective solution for storing [...]

Faraday Bicycles

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Created by a team of IDEO designers, Faraday Bicycles is a new electric bike startup with a vision to revolutionize the way we navigate our cities and streets. With award-winning industrial design and engineering, Faraday challenges everything you expect an electric bicycle to be. Faraday has designed a custom battery and electronics package for an [...]