Early detection of cancer, and its deadly metastasis, is necessary for increasing the cure rate. Current cancer screening is unable to detect breakaway tumor cells that lead to micrometastatic tumors. Bikanta is introducing a revolutionary nanotechnology platform based on nanodiamonds that empowers researchers and medics to detect and address diseases early at the molecular level.

Vault Dragon


VaultDragon is an integrated urban storage company that provides affordable, secure and on-demand storage solutions with flexible terms. It aims to become the “Dropbox” of physical storage, simplifying the storage process while allowing users to deposit, manage and retrieve their belongings on the go with our web and mobile applications. Vault Dragon provides on-demand off-site [...]


Good.Co is fixing hiring with user-driven analytics that measure culture-fit. The time and cost to hire today is the highest it’s ever been. 50% of new hires don't last more than 18 months due to culture misfit. While the Internet has solved sourcing problems, it has paralyzed hiring. Good.Co is taking a provocative, consumer-first approach [...]

Structured Polymers


3D printing is on the verge of a revolution in production and manufacturing. Structured Polymers is a leading tech manufacturer that specializes in the production of polymer powders (the “ink”) used by almost all of the commercial and industrial 3D-Printers in the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process.  This process was developed and patented at the [...]


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ECOSOFTT – ECO Solutions for Tomorrow Today, is a social enterprise that operates primarily for the benefit of addressing water-related challenges in our world. Head-quartered in Singapore, ECOSOFTT operate as innovation catalysts providing sustainable solutions for water, sanitation and livelihoods.